Lymington Town

Velocity Wessex League Premier Division -Saturday 9th March 2024

Lymington Town v Shaftesbury

We go to work (again). 

⛱️ ‘Rockies’ view

The late goal by Stuart Green to defeat leaders AFC Stoneham last Saturday after being 2-0 down and the return of Ash Wells starting a game at the back along with Liam Farrugia certainly gave us some cheer.

Anyone who writes us off, well that would be folly. We certainly aren’t going into Saturdays game at Lymington Town with any delusions of grandeur. They might be bottom with 8 points yet they are coming together as a group. Watch the highlights of their 3-1 win over Laverstock & Ford and you will see.
We have played the ‘Linnets’ twice this season. They put up a good show in our 3-1 win there in the Wessex League Cup. Our 8-0 win here was a bit of a rout, yet our visitors played some good football on the night.
At that point of the season we were on fire in a nine game winning run. Like any team there are going to be sticky patches. Well maybe any team except Farnham Town, Moneyfields and Manchester City!
Brett Pitman reached 48 goals in the Velocity Wessex League Premier Division and that is some feat. No doubt the legendary EFL striker will remind the younger players not to count any chickens before they are hatched at Lymington Town.
Perhaps AFC Stoneham arrived confident of victory here last week? We fought like tigers. We were hungry. We didn’t flinch at 2-0 down. The engine had been returned by Jim Milligan to win a game of football and we did.
Now we simply see what happens. Whatever does then next season will be a very interesting one too.
Report – Avril Lancaster 🐌
Pictured – Jordan Foot getting back into gear after a spell at Dorchester Town.
Callum Sweeney – Shaking off illness, a key player in our charge.
Dan Bartlett – Pitching In Southern South West at Wimborne Town form starting to show at Cockrams.
Photos – Ben Chandler Photography
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